CAD Design

Mold Design

Cape Fear Mold & Tool can handle your tooling requirements through all stages of development - from design concept to functional reality. Full tool designs produced with Solidworks software paired with SURFCAM and MASTERCAM systems, we can create a tool to your exact specifications in-house. From a simple prototype mold to a full production mold we can cover the needs of our customers for any of their Mold making requirements.

Product Development

Whether you have a new Idea or an existing product you want to improve or mass produce Cape Fear Mold can help. Outfitted with Solid Works CAD programs, our design department can create a visual on-screen expression of your part. We can show you with 3D modeling technology what your product will look like. We can offer manufacturing solutions covering a wide range of quantity requirements.

3d Printing & Prototyping

There is just no substitute for checking the function and fit of your project in the real world. Cape Fear Mold can either machine a prototype of your part or print a 3D model using high strength ABS on our new Stratasys Dimension Elite 3D printer.

High Precision Tooling

Cape Fear Mold & Tool utilizes modern CNC equipment, fully integrated with our CAD and CAM packages. This allows for full 4-axes milling at high speeds with minimal time spent programming - meaning we have faster turnaround time on even the most complex projects. Combined with our Ram and 5-axis Wire EDM equipment, projects can be completed quickly without sacrificing the precise dimensions required by our customers.

Plastic Injection Mold Making & Repair

Plastic Injection Mold Making

Cape Fear Mold & Tool can deal with all aspects of your mold projects from unscrewing molds, to mold actions as well as complicated parting lines. We pride ourselves in our expertise of hot runner molds.

Plastic Injection Mold Repair & Welding

Cape Fear Mold & Tool can handle all of your mold repair needs. Our full service, on- site welding division allows us to cut the turnaround time on repair projects, which gets your company back to business sooner. Our laser welding division has the capability to weld almost all metals and metal alloys quickly, reliably and precisely.

Plastic Injection Mold Sampling

A plastic injection mold is not complete until successful plastic parts have been produced. Cape Fear Mold & Tool will sample and prove out your tool before shipment on one of our molding machines. Ranging from 20 ton to 135 ton we can handle a variety of mold sizes. We will even assist in short runs or overflow molding to support our customers.


Along with our in-house inspection procedures, we can supply detailed inspection reports on one-run samples and critical mold and tooling components. With our new vision inspection system, tolerances as low as two microns can be measured and digitally recorded.